Histórias de eventualidades, improbabilidades, bicharadas, noitadas e coisas do arco da velha que de alguma forma me acabam sempre por acontecer. Crónicas diárias com a matilha, muita bicharada à mistura, muita música e sempre com um humor caústico como muita gente gosta de o caracterizar.


Is Gud Dog?

Here i am reviewing yet another book by Grant Morrison (notice the padron?)
This is a pretty straightforward story, for a Grant Morrison book. Its about three animals who are turned into killer cyborgs (not its not as crappy as it sounds) for the US government. Lethal weapons of mass destruction. But the story isn't about war and mayhem (though there is plenty of mayhem) but about animal experimentation and the horrors of it.
It follows the story of a cat, a dog and a rabit who are turned into killing machines and then decommissioned by the government. They run from the base not to be put down by the army and find their destiny.
Let me just say that its a great story and very emotional. It takes someone who never had a pet no to be touched by it and even those will have a hard time.
I have to say it brought a tear to the corner of my eye. The characters are very tru to the stereotype one has of the characters of the animal and act accordingly.
Its a tale about love, redemption, sacrifice and above all humanity (and the lack of thereof). A great read for anyone. The art is gorgeous (Frank Quitely does a great job showing the cruelty and the visceral action).
Highly recommended!

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