Histórias de eventualidades, improbabilidades, bicharadas, noitadas e coisas do arco da velha que de alguma forma me acabam sempre por acontecer. Crónicas diárias com a matilha, muita bicharada à mistura, muita música e sempre com um humor caústico como muita gente gosta de o caracterizar.


Doom Patrol

I'm just reading Doom Patrol and it never ceases to amaze me. The Morrison version is just astounding. Granted i've never read the original Doom Patrol. I read the 3rd version and it is very good ... not groundbreaking but interesting none the less. Take on superhero corporativism with a touch humor and some existentialist crisis mixed up. Quite amusing but lacking something. And i have to say his version of the "Negative Man" was tremendously fun. Too bad it ended so early.
But let me tell you, morrison's version is nothing short of amazing. Its a bit hard to digest and i can only take so much before i need to take some time to assimilate it. But picture this, the team has as members, characters like Dorothy Spinner, a monkey-faced girl who can bring her imaginary friends to life, Danny the Street, a sentient travestite street, Crazy Jane a girl who was abused as a child and manifest 64 different personalities each one with its own power and Rebis the world’s first hermaphrodite hero among other. They're off to face enemies like The Brotherhood of Dada , the Scissor Men, the Cult of The Unwritten Book.
Quite a special book, very well written with references to pop culture not your average superhero book, not your average book at all but very much recomended if you are looking for something different.

Doom Patrol
"Doom Patrol"

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