Histórias de eventualidades, improbabilidades, bicharadas, noitadas e coisas do arco da velha que de alguma forma me acabam sempre por acontecer. Crónicas diárias com a matilha, muita bicharada à mistura, muita música e sempre com um humor caústico como muita gente gosta de o caracterizar.



Tonight is Leonids time! If you aren't too cold and have clear skies, step outside and catch one of nature's most fascinating phenomenons.

These are the hourly rates predicted for tonigh,

Stream Time of maximum expected ZHR
1333 2004 Nov 19h 06:42 UTC 10
1733 2004 Nov 19th 21:49 UTC ~ 65

More info here,

The peak of the 1998 Leonid meteor shower (rich in bright fireballs), shown in a four-hour time exposure through a fisheye lens, and taken by Juraj Toth of Modra Observatory. This photograph demonstrates how the meteors in a particular shower appear to emanate from a certain point in the sky called the radiant. On a given night, this radiant point will remain relatively stationary with respect to the background star constellations; but will rise, traverse the sky, and set in the same manner as the sun and moon.


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